tour 1: sweet temptations of Empress Sisi

The most portrayed historical figure in Vienna is Empress Elisabeth. You will run into her picture often after your arrival in Vienna. In this tour we want to tell you insider information about her.

tour 2: Vienna and its tradition of coffee

During your visit to Vienna you will notice that you are looking for Starbucks & Co in vain. You will notice, everything is different in Vienna. People drink coffee while sitting in a coffee house and not to go. Coffee is the national drink and almost everyone loves it. Just like Vienna is in the heart of Europe, coffee is also a perfect blend: not as dense and small as in Italy and not as light and grande as in northern Europe. Just a successful “Melange”!

tour 3: sweet gifts for family and friends

“If someone goes on a trip, he can tell something”. This old wisdom is still valid today and every new impression gained makes life richer. The best thing you can do is to collect impressions with all your senses. We recommend you the best and tastiest memories of Vienna.