tour 3: sweet gifts for family and friends

One of the best known composers in the world was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. He was a child prodigy and musical genius. At a concert at Maria Theresia’s court, after playing the piano, the six year old Mozart hopped onto the empress’s lap and kissed her! But this violation of the court ceremony was overlooked!

When you visit Vienna, your family and friends can hardly wait for you to return. Almost every tourist brings fine chocolate from Vienna. “Mozartkugeln” are the best present. They are individually wrapped into tinfoil and can therefore be easily shared.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born in Salzburg, but lived in Vienna. You can visit his home. It is located in Domgasse No. 5, in the immediate vicinity of our shop. There you will find furniture and personal items of Mozart and you can immerse yourself in his music. Mozart was a genius and a hedonist. It was through him that Vienna became the city of music. He enjoyed life to the fullest and so it happened that these delicious chocolates were named after him.

“Mozartkugeln” are pralines that consist of lots of pistachio and almond marzipan and creamy hazelnut nougat and are coated with light or dark chocolate. There are a large number of different “Mozartkugeln”. We have four different varieties in our shop. We have a secret favorite and will recommend it to you, but choose your own favourite!