tour 2: Vienna and its tradition of coffee

Vienna was besieged twice by the Turks a long time ago. At that time the city still had a massive city wall and the Turks pitched their tents in front of it. In 1683, however, they had to break off this siege, leaving 500 bags of coffee behind. The Viennese knew that they could roast these beans and brew them into a drink, and so the first coffee houses in Vienna came into being. The Viennese love their coffee houses and many prefer to drink a “Melange”.

It’s a strong coffee with milk froth. The Viennese love their coffee as sweet as love and as black as night. So they refine it with milk and sugar to alleviate the bitter coffee taste!
The coffee house is a meeting place and a second living room for many locals. There are usually many daily newspapers that the locals read while drinking coffee. Business meetings are held in the coffee house or friends chat comfortably.

When you visit Vienna, you absolutely have to take your time and visit a coffee house and taste a “Melange” with a “Sachertorte”. Cafe Diglas at Wollzeile 10 in the first district is an insider tip for a coffee house. There the pieces of cake are simply bigger than usual and from 7 p.m. a pianist also plays the piano. If you want to take this Viennese experience home with you, come to us at Wollzeile 34.

We offer you three types of Viennese coffee in our shop. You can buy it whole or ground. A packet of real Viennese coffee is a really enjoyable gift and lets you repeat the flair of a Viennese coffee house at home.